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uslim Astrologer in saudi arabia, uae, singapore

Muslim Astrologer in india

The great medieval Islamic scientist and astrologer Abu’l-Rayhan Muhammad Ibn Ahmad Al-Biruni was born in 973 A.D. in Kath, then capital of the Principality of Khwarizm, the present day city of Khiva in Uzbekistan. From a young age he undertook serious scientific research and study, publishing a treatise on cartography at the age of 22. Al-Biruni wrote over a hundred books and treatises on such varied subjects as mathematics, geometry, geography, astronomy, astrology, the density of minerals and history.

Al-Biruni benefited from the patronage of such powerful rulers as Mahmood Ghaznavi, whom he (voluntarily or not) accompanied to India. These travels resulted in his most famous work, Kitab al-Hind, the Book of India. He died in 1048 in Ghazna, now Ghazni, in Afganistan. Here is further, more detailed biographical information.

Al-Biruni, despite being a medieval Islamic astrologer, remains a significant source for students of Renaissance astrology. The fall of Rome and the onset of the Dark Ages saw the virtual extinguishment of astrology in Europe. Much classical learning was preserved in the sophisticated Islamic civilization of the Middle East and knowledge in many fields, including astrology, was materially advanced by scientists and philosophers like Al-Biruni. Medieval and Renaissance astrology is essentially Islamic astrology, a fact that is easily ascertained by noting the large number of Islamic sources quoted by William Lilly in the bibliography to his Christian Astrology or the many references made to Islamic authors by the Italian astrologer Guido Bonatti in his Liber Astronomiae.

On a more profound level it is useful for the student of Renaissance astrology to study the works of Islamic authors like Al-Biruni because the milieu in which they worked and thought was one in which unity was paramount. This belief is expressed fundamentally as tawhid the unity of God, but expresses itself also in a unified schema of knowledge, where science, theology and mysticism are not contradictory, but all part of the unity and harmony of all existence. Here is an interesting article on Islamic science by Dr. Seyyed Hossein Nasr.

The comprehension of the structure of the Universe, and of the nature of the form of the Heavens and the Earth and all that is between them, attained by rehearsing the information received is extremely advantageous in the Art of Astrology.

the sun, moon, plants, and stars. Astrologers believe that the position of astronomical bodies at the exact moment of a persons birth and the subsequent movement of the bodies reflect that person’s character and, therefore, destiny (information taken from The derivative forms of astrology is horoscope, signs of the Zodiac, music based on astrology, it has its own distinct mythology and role in ancient Middle Eastern religions. Earnestly, one cannot derive any real life benefits in studying astrology as there is no basis for it.

However the brother who authored the article seems to have divided astrology into two branches, of that which is impermissible, a speculative science used by the polytheist to determine good or bad luck and destiny etc. The brother then goes on to describe the permissible astrology as the scientific study of stars for determining and fixing time division such as months and seasons and determining and fixing compass direction etc.

What the brother described as the permissible form of astrology is a misnomer, and is actually the scientific study of astronomy which is completely distinct from astrology. Astronomy is the study of the universe and the celestial bodies, gas, and dust within it. Astronomy includes observations and theories about the solar system, the stars, the galaxies, and the general structure of space. Astronomy also includes the universe and its past and future. People who study astronomy are called astronomers, and they use a wide variety of methods to perform their research. These methods usually involve ideas of physics, so most astronomers are also astrophysicists , and the terms astronomer and astrophysicist are basically identical. Some areas of astronomy also use techniques of chemistry, geology and biology.

Astronomy is the oldest science, dating back thousands of years to when primitive people noticed objects in the sky overhead and watched the way object moved. … Astronomy has a long tradition of practice results, such as our current understanding of the stars, day and night, the seasons, and the phases of the moon (information from

There is a clear distinction here that astrology in all its form is Haraam and Shirk, divesting from Allah his rulership and sovereignty over all things, besides setting up partners in worship with Allah. The science of astronomy is halal, and this is the branch of science the brother has alluded to as being permissible, however, mistakenly calling it astrology, and Allah knows best.

All books on astrology contain Shirk and should be avoided at any cost as there is little benefit to derive from it. If people want to study the stars and the moon etc, then they should buy books on astronomy and Insha-Allah they would avoid falling into Shirk. If what I say is the truth then it is incumbent upon us to clear the confusion and make lucid the distinction of what is what, even if there is confusion amongst ignorant Europeans themselves who claim to live in the scientific age whilst knowing nothing of it. Rather if you were to ask them “What is your star sigh?”. If not all of them the majority of them would know. Only a few scientist accepted astrology as science and claimed it to be complementary to astronomy, however, the practioners of astronomy have refuted the baseless astrology and its many of its practices.

Love Dispute Problem Solution

Love Dispute Problem Solution Muslim Astrology

Love Dispute Problem Solution

Main kuch ahadess ka hawala deta ho ka islam main jadoo karna or karvana dono haram ha .
7 halak karna walay kamo se bacho
sahaba ikram ny kaha
aye Allah ka rasool wo 7 kam kon se ha
app ny farmaya
Allah k sath sharik karna , jadoo karna , kisi shaks ko bagayar haq k katil karna , sood khana , yateen ka mal khana , jang k din pit phair lena , or pak daman momin or bholi bhali oratoo per tohmat lagana .
2 imran bin hussain (Razi Allah-o-Anho) se marwi ha k app ny farmaya
wo shaks hum main se nahi jis ny fall nikali ya is k liya fal nikali gahe or jis ny gayab ko jana ka dawa kiya ya wo gayab ko jana ka dawa karna walay k pass gaya , or jis ny jadoo kiya , ya is k liya jadoo kiya gaya .or jo shaks najoomi k pass aiya or wo jo kuch kehta ha is ny is ki tasdeak kardi to is ny nabi kareen salal laho allai wasalam ki sharyat se kofar kiya
dua main yaad rakheya ga

ILM is the perfect treatment of all the mundane problems. ILM is a procedural activity perfect implementation of which leads to positive solution. If you have any kind of problem and not got a solution yet then you to make the use of the ILM mean. Implementation of this method is not blatant. But the procurement of the result through it is only possible when we have adopted the right mean to implement it. If you are in cogitate for the implementation of this method then you have not to worry. Because it is endorsed by our chronic, these mean provide us the panoply from the black clouds of our fortune and curb all the problems of our life. Perspective for its incantation is very necessary and without this constraint you are not able to get the solution. But you have not to be tensed because ABDUL WAHAB by Him huge perspective knowledge and unprecedented power provide you the perfect ILM as per your problem.
Why ILM for our problem?

Love ILM is available for all the problems love, under the influence of it you can easily get the solution of all problems which you are facing. Under the influence of it you feel enhance in your looks and attraction and must be graceful personality of your society. Everyone wants to be in contact with you.

FAMILY ILM is available for the treatment of the problems related to your family, if you are feeling any kind of disputes or contention among your family members then you can use this ILM and sustain the happiness of your family.
Husband – Wife ILM is always preferred as the solution for any kind of contention between the couple. Whenever you feel that your marital life is at the stage of end then you can save your relationship with the help of this ILM. All the contentions and disputes automatically get resolved under the influence of this art.

LUCK ILM is used to acquire good luck in your life, if you are suffering for any kind of problem and every time there is entrance of new problems in your life, then it means that you are suffering from any kind of flaw in your horoscope. And you are capable to change your horoscope for your GOOD LUCK under the influence of the Luck ILM.
MONEY ILM is the acquiring of a lot of wealth in your life under the influence of it you can get the direction of any hidden treasure and easily have it. This is the shortcut to be richer person of society and you have nothing to be blatant for it.
BENEVOLENCE ILM is incanted for any problem, it is not demarcated by any kind of problem, one should have it for any problem like:- to get a better job, physical satisfaction, get rid from diseases, court cases, better marks in exams etc… Each and every problem is solved by the implementation of this ILM.

To acquire any kind of ILM for the solution of your problems you have only to ask ABDUL WAHAB. he will surely provide the appropriate ILM after getting your problem and customize the ILM as per your problem. After getting the customized ILM you are protected from the problems of your life.

Love is the perfect match of feelings and thoughts of two hearts. If you are in love with someone but lost it from your life due to some
lapses and misunderstandings between you both but now you are persuading your ex to come back in your life, but not made it possible
yet then no problem because you have your partner back in your life with the help of LOVE SPELL of GET Ex BACK. These love
spells are specially customized for people like you that no more you have to suffer due to the absence of love in your life. You have no
to go through any long mean to procure the love spell because ABDUL WAHAB can make it quite simple for not only to acquire
such spell but also their successfully implementations in your love so that you can enjoy your life with your ex.

Witches and witchcraft
Whatever the cause of disputes between you no matter because all those are automatically solved as you implement the Love Spell in
your life. Like :- due to your low attraction and passionate grasp if your partner left you then under the influence of this spell your can
acquire all these qualities in you personality, or if your partner might embroiled by others and committed with other individual then under
the influence of this Love Spell they thrashed their relationship, if your partner is smitten of other personality then under the influence the
spell he  automatically get attracted toward you etc… All and every factors responsible for the smash in your relationship get
resolved automatically. If your partner is so haughty and each time he despised you but cannot spend your life without your partner then
also under the influence of this you can create novelty in thoughts of your partner for you and bring him under your smitten.

If you have the Love Spell with you then can easily tackle any fortuitous disputes in your relationship and you are quite able to overhaul
every worst case of your relationship, it so convenient for you to get your ex back in your life under the influence of Love Spell.
Love Spell not only fetches your ex back in your life but if you are not in kind relationship yet then you can easily have it in your life.
Under the influence of this art you can easily discern the right partner of your life, so that you can proceed for the contention free life
with your partner. When every time you are condemned by your partner for the dispute in your relationship and not able to change such
irrevocable haughty status of life then you must test this spell and see how this spell smash egoistic and bilateral nature of your partner.
And you must acclaimed by your partner forever in the relationship.

You just have to make a introduction of your problem and see the impact of the Love Spell in your life. ABDUL WAHAB must
complete your errands and with the help of  Himeternal powers ABDUL WAHAB customize the Love Spell as per your mentioned dispute so that
easily you can get your ex back in your life. Never suffer with bleak in your life.

Mantra for Love success

Muslim Tantra Mantra for Love

Mantra for Love success

We are a client focused organization engaged in rendering Husband Wife Problems. Our specialists are expert in providing such
solutions as they have practiced the mantra along with meditation throughout their life. These specialists properly study the problems
that are taking place between the couples that can be cause of bad eye or plantery positions after that they provide solution. The
demand for these solutions is rising, owing to their effectiveness and reliability.

Islamic tantra mantra provides services of Vashikaran of you love or husband / wife within 72 hours. Some people use Black Magic for
Evil but Maulvi Khajimiya use it different way. Maulvi ji use Black Magic for help of people like Vashikaran of love, break Black
Magic, LOVE BACK, Success your Love or Career, Get your love back by Vashikaran. Black magic and Vashikaran ( Hypnotism )
can be a solutions for you, to get back your love. Black Magic techniqus are Real and can do wonders for you in your love relation,
money or financial problems and can give you great success in every thing that you may wish or want.

Here are specific chants, prayers, talismans, curses, incantations, rituals that have brought countless people the rewards they desired or
wish in life. Secrets that can transform your life in the twinkling of an eye. Some peoples are depressed and have tried every thing to be
successful but have failed then you may go for these spells that can bring happiness and joy in your life. Also I will say that Black Magic
and Islamic Tantra-Mantra is very usefull to your’s life. Remove all the black clouds from your life and fill your life with success and
happiness. So dont worry as Black Magic Protection techniqus is possible
Get your love back by Vashikaran (Hypnotism) Or Black Magic, get your lost love, get love mantra or tabeez, get success mantra, get
Vashikaran mantra & defeat your enemy/rivals

We are engaged in offering Indian Tantra Vidya services to the clients. This vidya is taught by our team of experienced astrologers.
These professionals make sure that the clients learn this vidya properly and don’t make fun of it. The vidya provided by our astrologers
is highly effective and bring assured results in one’s life. This vidya helps the clients in solving their problems in an effective manner.

Islamic mantras are understood very important in tantra and mantra. We can get our different wishes completed with the help of these
mantras. These are very effective and bring outcome rapidly. These mantras can be used for vashikaran, uchatan, videshan and other
tantra works. A common man can also use them easily and be benefitted. You can bring your all dreams true with these mantras.Muslim
Islamic Mantra is used to Stop a all occultism. Islamic mantra used a simple way not a tone totke . Vashikaran Islamic mantra is solved
your all problem, but one thing you believed in God.

Supported by a team of astrologers and other professionals, we are able to offer Kamadeva Vashikaran Mantra to the clients. This
service is rendered by experienced aghori babaji trikaldarshi baba bhoot nath tantirik. The services rendered by us are acknowledged
for their features like cost-effectiveness, flexibility and assured results. Our professionals provide accurate information to the clients at
nominal prices.

Capable of recommending effective solutions to the clients, we offer Tantra-Mantra Services. Clients can avail this service from our
expert astrologers who have gained immense recognition through their work. Clients can avail these services as per their queries and
requirements. Under this category; we offer Vashikaran Mantra Shabar Mantra Tantra Astrology, Kamdev Mantra To Attract Girl,
Muslim Mantra In Hindi and Spiritual Solution Centre Tantra Mantra Yantra.

Black magic for love

Hypnotism Voodoo Spells in Muslim

Black Magic for love

 “Does anyone know the position of hypnosis in Islam?”

“I did ask and was told it was haram….the reason being that it was likened to a state of intoxication, in that you have voluntarily given up your control over your mental faculties….And Allah(swt) knows best”.

This was the reply to the above question I received on a Muslim community group mailing list by one of its members.

Hypnosis is defined as a state of deep relaxation; just short of deep sleep. A popular misconception is that hypnosis is a form of unconsciousness resembling sleep. However, contemporary research suggests that hypnotic subjects are fully awake and whilst focusing attention, have a corresponding decrease in their peripheral awareness. Subjects also show an increased response to suggestions. In one of the first books on the subject, Neurypnology in 1843, Dr James Braid described “hypnotism” as a state of physical relaxation accompanied and induced by mental concentration. It is a state of well-being and the client is fully in control. This means that EVERY single one of us can be and has been in a state of hypnosis; on a daily basis. For example, when we’re waking up and put our alarm on snooze and half-awake: this is a state of hypnosis. When we are sometimes watching TV and don’t hear the other person; this is a state of hypnosis also. Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation but short of being asleep. The methods of Hypnosis being referred to here are those that allow the client to be in full control of the suggestions and imaginations that they are given; at which they are in a state to accept or reject them.

A quick research into the history of Hypnosis can show that this was common in Egyptian and Indian sleep temples. Hypnosis was even practiced by ancient Greeks. Furthermore, in his Book titled Kitab Al-Shifa (The book of Healing), the Persian physician Avicenna (Ibn Sina 980-1037) wrote about Hypnosis and referred to it as Al-Wahm Al-Amil. He was seen as the first physician to make the distinction between sleep and hypnosis. He stated that one would be able to create conditions in other people so they can accept the reality of this process of Hypnosis.

If we look at one of the Fathers of modern Hypnosis, Dr Milton Erickson (1901-1980), one who is known widely by any training organisation of Hypnosis; much of his language patterns are those that are already in the Quran. Yes! This not an extreme comment and nor is it anything taken out of context. How many of us knew this?

Ericksonian hypnosis combines metaphorical stories which start and don’t finish at the same time. They sometimes finish at the end of the sessions or sometimes a few sessions later. This is like in the Quran of many stories of the Prophets (Peace Be Upon Them all); which clearly continue throughout. Amongst many language patterns used; Ericksonian hypnosis also refers to many things with much vagueness. Another aspect clearly found in the Quran. The benefit of vagueness is that it can and does relate to any and every point in time – the less specific, the more it can relate to wider audiences with no limits or lesser limits of time, place and situation.

These are just some of the methods and language patterns that will be used. None of it goes against Islam; and is not ‘haraam’ (forbidden); a word used much freely and yet only appears in the Quran a few times.

Hypnosis does NOT give the effects similar to that of ‘intoxicants’. Intoxicants are physical substances in the form of gas, liquid or solid (powder and tablets, for example). They are man-made substances or natural substances which are processed in a manner to produce these harmful substances. They effect the body, mind and the soul. They block out some neurons and cause imbalance and effect the neurology. Hence they result in effecting the complete body in this manner and clearly don’t allow the individual to be in control of one’s senses. Regardless of what they are; the purpose of them is to fulfil the individuals need for ‘more’ for a fulfilment they aren’t getting from another area of life. Hence; widely resulting in addiction. They also cause one to say and do things they wouldn’t in their own right mind or in their daily normal lives when not using these substances.

Islam may also not have allowed Hypnosis on the basis that it maybe the works of a Soothsayer (fortune-teller) and/or working with Jinns (spirits). This may have been true or maybe true today still in some parts of the world as some people have the ability to communicate with spirits. However, the hypnosis being referred to and applied here has NO link or connection with spirits or fortune-telling. Working with spirits is seen as contrary to Islam on the basis that it’s seen as ascribing power to those other than God. Where-as the primary foundation of Islamic belief is upon the conviction that There is Only One God and all power is with Him. This refers to that we mortals have no knowledge except that which God has allowed us to have. Having belief in spirits and making use of them to intervene between the Hypnotherapists and the client is completely contradictory to Islam and definitely to the modern Hypnosis being referred to here.

Hypnosis does none of that as there is no two-way conversation; just suggestions. Also, the client does not do or say anything which they wouldn’t in their right mind. Clearly this is a misconception within the Muslim community. It highlights that a judgement has been made on something without looking into it. As we, the Muslim community, constantly do this; truly we are denying ourselves the means for progression in all areas of education, employment and further advances in any area. If or as long as we continue to think in this much limited manner then so will be the fruits of our labour have the same effect.

There are many Muslims; who are practising and trained hypnotherapists. If anything, they’ve come closer to their faith rather than further from away it. I even know a Muslim colleague on my training who came from Saudi Arabia to learn Hypnosis. He is a practising Muslim, works in a corporate environment in change-management and has been there for over 10yrs. He states himself; that in Saudi Arabia there is much withdrawal from anything they don’t understand. If certain things aren’t understood; they are dismissed. I’m not saying this is the case for every aspect in every area of discipline. It is however, in reference to those he has met in his company who are mostly practising Muslims. This is an indication of what is much a problem in our communities and hence gets ‘blamed’ on religion. This is something much terrible of an example for those looking from outside, into this amazing faith.

This opinion is respected (“That Hypnosis is haraam in Islam as it gives effects of intoxicants”) but it’s not one that I will accept for myself. As stated before, it is something of highly much benefit to the community. There has been much of a response as some individuals have seen the value of this and how it can manifest in their lives and those around them.

You are requested and urged to look into this as to what it’s benefits are, it’s methodologies and purpose; whether you are Muslim or not: regardless. It can be verified by medical doctors that Hypnosis is perfectly safe and accepted by the medical profession as a means of curing some illnesses; whether they are of the body, mind or soul. Medical science will not accept something that includes working with spirits and fortune-telling. Furthermore, hypnosis does certainly NOT give effects of intoxicants; as can also be verified medically. By definition of Hypnosis, The Quran certainly brings about a deep relaxation through reciting or listening to it. Hence, The Quran itself brings about a state of Hypnosis. It was known that even people would fall into trance through speech and conversation with Dr Milton Erickson. Such was the effect of The Beloved Prophet (Peace and blessings be Upon Him) who would talk to people in such a relaxing manner that they felt his warmth; bringing about greater relaxation within them; with an intention of reaching out for the goodness.

Hypnosis is a tool necessary for the Muslim community to allow the recipients to bring out more of their amazing uniqueness that every individual is special and is born with such amazing gifts. Regardless of what area of life you are at; we can always achieve more as we dream in the night; then the days are to fulfil those dreams. It can be used to work with clients to achieve their goals, relieve stress and even improve their health whilst curing some illnesses. It is beneficial and necessary for individuals as well as the Muslim community in order to concentrate and focus deeper upon their daily and personal goals.

Islam is incomplete without its endless, incoherent, and superstitious rituals. The Islamic ritual starts in the dawn, before the sunrise, with the cacophony of prayer call. True Muslims must wake up, do ablution, and walk to the nearest mosque to start the day with prayer. The day ends with the night prayer. This offering of five daily prayers is the minimum a Muslim must do to smell the fragrance of Islamic Paradise. There is severe Islamic penalty for missing a prayer. It is true that other religions do have many rituals. The difference between Islamic rituals and other religions’ is that, while for other religions their rituals are voluntary, in Islam, rituals are forced imposition upon Muslims. For example, if a Christian does not attend Church assemblies, he does not undergo any punitive measures. Attending Sunday Church is a choice a Christian makes. In Islam, it is compulsory for a Muslim to attend a mosque to offer his oblation. If he does not, Sharia law stipulates dreadful punishment.
As an example, in a hadis in Sahih Bukhari (1.11.617), Muhammad asked his devout followers to burn the houses of those Muslims who do not present themselves for the Islamic prayers. Besides the temporal punishment, Allah decrees excruciating torment in the next world for the Muslims who neglect their prayers. With such draconian measures, it is no wonder that whenever Islam invades an infidel land, the first act in the process of creeping Islamisation is to construct mosques. Fear, greed, intimidation, and terror are the life‑forces by which Islam rules a Muslim’s life.

How To Get My Lover Back

How to get my love back in my life

How to get my lover back

Falling out in love doesn’t happen for any reason. Cause and effect are the theory on which world run. Emotional also follow the rule. Love happen for you to feel different. If you think that the love has gone from your relationship and you want to get love back. ABDUL WAHAB has solutions for how to get love back in your life again.

You need to decide is if you can defeat that cause, so that your relationship and you can get love back. The good news is that the majority of relationships can be saved. It is just a question of knowing what you have to do to get love back to the way it used to be.
Get love back by following technique:-

Get love back by vashikaran.
Get love back by by black magic.
Get love back by by love spell.
Get love back by hypnotism.
Get love back by vashikaran mantra.
Get love back by vashikaran in hindi.
Get love back by astrology.
Get love back by witchcraft.
Get love back by by tantra and mantra.

These are only few techniques and to know more detail on them contact pandit ji specialized in Get love back techniques. Without his help you not get the right method to get love back, he will give you method and mantra to follow them to get quick result. If you Get love back in life and that love can bring new peace, prosperity & happiness in your life. If you love/loved someone truly but you couldn’t get him/her. Now it’s possible to get love back with the help pandit ji technique or mantra, by which you can, definitely controls one’s mind absolutely as per your wishes or dreams. To win your love again is not bad by the help of astrology or mantras. To make something right by tantra or mantra is to just tell them I was not wrong but only the situation was not right for us at that time.

In case if you loved someone want to get him or her at any cost but an due to something happen which complicate your love and your love mate unexpectedly begin to take no notice of you and you are in hesitation, and you are not able to focus in your study ,family matter or ignore your family member or your friends, not concentrate on job or business. You wasting your almost time in old flashback memories which making your life tough and irritating , you always want to live alone and do not want to talk to your other, if you have facing apposite just type of troubles, then BABA ji is here always for you with his Powerful method of Astrology to get love back, 100% he will help you to get love back and you will get him/her for forever in your love life.

How to Fall Back in Love

Many people talk about falling in and out of love as if love were an elusive quality that the universe gave to some couples and not to others. They say things like, “My relationship is pretty good, but we’re just not in love anymore.”

I personally don’t think you can possibly be in a good relationship if you are not “in love.”

This is why:

Love isn’t an adjective. It’s not something you feel.

Love is a verb. It’s something you do.

Love is an action. It’s a behavior. Love is completely within your control.

Just because you aren’t fighting and tossing dishes at each other every day doesn’t mean everything’s good. If you are not “in love,” then you are not prioritizing your relationship. Rather, you are stuck in a rut. You might live together. You might be sharing a life, but you are not actively loving each other. You’re taking each other for granted. You’ve gotten lazy. Your relationship has become robotic.

If you want to feel in love again, you need to act in love again. Acting in love might entail greeting your partner at the door and giving her a hug as you say, “Wow I’ve really missed you.” It might be noticing that your husband has just eaten the last of his favorite ice cream bars, so you restock the supply the very next day, even though it was not your official grocery-shopping day.

Love is in the small, everyday gestures that say, “You are important to me.” Love is how you make your partner feel special and adored. Love is how you stretch yourself thin in order to improve your partner’s life.

Love is many, many actions performed day in and day out. When you are both performing these daily acts of love, you will eventually feel good about each other. If you want to call this gooey, happy feeling “being in love,” then call it that. Call it whatever you want. Just know that the behavior precedes the feeling. If you want to feel in love, you need to act in love.

Divorce Problem Solution

Divorce Problem Solution in Islam

Divorce Problem Solution

Divorce Problem Solution

Astrology has a power which can solve your all the problems that related to love, marriage, career, business etc. if you are not successful because of your horoscope or any Kundali dose then, An astrologer who has good knowledge about astrology can help you to sort out these types problems.

Astrologer ABDUL WAHAB is one of the famous astrologer Across India who is able to solve all the problems which are related to your horoscope or kundali. Sometimes we have all the knowledge about any business but because of our star movements and any dosha in kundali we can’t get success. Many times we see our married life is going well but sudden many problems come in our life and we can�t able to solve them, these all problems can solve by astrology. So if you are facing any problem in your married life or want any suggestion about love, marriage life, career then you should contact with us and feel free. We solve your all the problems in no time.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time writing about marital problems that lead to divorce. I’ve not, however given advice on how to find solutions to those marital problems. You first step should always be to seek professional help by seeing a marriage counselor.

If, for some reason marriage counseling is not an option following the five steps below should help find a solution to those marital problems and help you move forward.

Step 1: Name the problem. In naming the problem, you have to be specific. Saying, “he/she never helps around the house” will get you nowhere. If you want your spouse to help around the house you need to outline what specific tasks you need help with. For example, you need help with the laundry, or you wish your spouse would help clean-up after dinner each night.

It is very important to be specific with more severe marital problems. If you’ve lost interest in sex with your spouse ask yourself “why,” and “what” is causing the loss of interest. Is it hormonal, is your spouse behaving in a way that keeps you from feeling close to him/her?

Finding a solution means finding the underlying cause of the marital problem. Generalization such as “he/she never helps around the house” or “I’m just not interested in sex,” is the problem. The trick is to find out what is causing the problem and solving the cause.

Step 2: Be honest about how you are feeling. Often times we keep out true feelings hidden out of fear of hurting our spouse. Be willing to communicate your displeasure over your spouse’s behaviors and be willing to listen when your spouse communicates his/her displeasure in your behaviors. Marital problems aren’t solved if both spouses are willing to accept and acknowledge that they both play a role in the problems.

Step 3: Leave no stone unturned. Communicate with each other by asking questions. What might improve the problem? Are there any books we can read that will help? Don’t dismiss a suggestion from your spouse because you feel it silly. Make a list of what you feel are solutions and put them to work.

Step 4: Evaluate whether or not the “solutions” are working. Solutions are only solutions if they are solving the problem. Keep in mind though that problems aren’t solved overnight. Evaluation whether or not a particular solution is working by assessing your mood. Are you in a better mood, are you feeling closer to your spouse? If so, you’ve hit on a solution that is working…just give it time. If not, put your heads together and come up with another solution.

Step 5: You should be seeing results. If you’ve done the work, you should be seeing results. The solution worked and your marriage is back on track. Or, you’re still having problems and feeling stuck. If so, go back to step 1 and start the process over again. It may take a few go-rounds to define and come up with a solution to your marital problems. In the end the work you to will be worth it if it means saving your marriage.

Divorce Problem

If you want your married life to start blossoming like the way it was in the beginning then this is what you should do; start doing one nice thing each day for your spouse. You might argue that you do not have time to do a nice thing every day for your spouse. But there are so many things you can do that take very little time and make a good relationship great.

You might do one of your spouse`s chores, like taking out the garbage or doing the weekly grocery shopping. You might leave a note in his pocket or call him at work in the middle of the afternoon to let him know how much you love him. You could turn on her favourite music so that it is playing when she gets home from work. You might take his clothes to the dry cleaners or buy his favorite ice cream. You could do something more traditional like order flowers or prepare a special meal. Maybe even make a special breakfast. By getting in the habit of doing something special daily, you will keep your relationship fresh!

How to Save Your Marriage
Figure out ways that both you and your spouse can help the situation. Blaming each other will get you nowhere. Rather than blaming each other for why things aren`t working, try to figure out ways to make things better. If you find yourself angry and blaming your spouse for something, stop, sit down, and think about what you can do to better understand how your spouse is feeling.

Black Magic Removal

Muslim Black Magic

Black Magic Removal

Islamic apologists often extol the scientific nature of Islam: that Islam has no room for spirituous mumbo—jumbo. This blatant distortion 

of the truth about Islam might work well for those who have no, or very little idea about the proliferation of many superstitious Islamic
rites routinely performed for the alleviation of many afflictions. If you ever chanced to observe any such superstitious rites, you will be
amazed at the similarities between Islamic procedures and the Black Magic performed by many voodoo cults in Africa and South

First, let us examine the Qur’an and its use to perform Islamic Black Magic. Many Mullahs routinely perform such rituals as professional
Islamic black magicians. Please note that both Shias and Sunnis practice Islamic Black Magic, although the Shias are more prone to
resort to such rituals.
The Use of the Qur’an as Black Magic

One of the most commonly practiced Islamic black magic is istikhara. This is the use of the Qur’an as a talisman or the reading of the
Qur’an for some magical results. The seeker of istikhara goes to a Mullah who is an expert in this magic. The Mullah repeatedly recites
verse 6:59 of the Qur’an, and having given salutation to Muhammad, closes his eyes, turns his face upwards, and utters Allah while
moving his fingers across the pages of the Qur’an. Then he stops his finger and reads the first sentence or the part of sentence on the
page of the Qur’an.
The Mullah then provides the answer to the candidate’s question.

The physical symptoms of black magic can be summarised as:

Fever – may be high
Dry cough
Sore throat
Stuffy, congested nose
Muscle aches and stiffness

These problems can last for years while doctors find nothing wrong, or diagnose the symptoms as ME or chronic fatigue symptoms. In magical terms the victim is being drained of energy. I have had these experiences, particularly years ago when I first studied under Punditt Maharaj. The difference was that I was expected to continue.

These symptoms are very similar to flu, which lasts around a week. If your experiences last for a few days, then it is likely you have flu. However, if these symptoms continue, or come and go on a daily or weekly basis, then you may be suffering from sihr or black magic.

Part of the cure for black magic is for the healer to go through these symptoms in a very short period of time, maybe for 24 hours. This experience is very uncomfortable physically, but at the same time there are many powerful transformative spiritual visions and experiences that help the Healer to understand the methods and techniques of the black magician(s) who attacked the patient.

There are many other symptoms of black magic. Black magic is used to deprive or prevent spiritual and material happiness, development and growth.

Black magic puts a block your wisdom and intelligence and all efforts to solve the problem are fruitless. You feel a mental block, you get disturbed sleep with bad dreams, and negative thoughts. There is heaviness and weight on the heart and constriction in the throat.

Nothing seems to go right, and you may feel the victim and blame of everything that goes wrong. One feels one is not getting one’s due and can achieve much more. You may feel suffocated and restless and it is difficult to feel at peace. You feel depressed, with lack of enthusiasm or desire to live.
Sihr – black magic

Arabic or Islamic magic is particularly prevalent, and it affects not just moslems. However, in my experience, there can be a deeper, more powerful magic at work underneath Sihr, that is indifferent to the traditional methods of fighting black magic. I have seen this at work. The Healer has used the Names of God, but actually nothing has changed, and so the sufferer goes from Mosque to Mosque trying to find someone who can help them.
Techniques of black magic

Surprisingly, many of the techniques are nothing like the popular conception. I am not going to go into what the real techniques are, but often they masquerade as healing or benevolence towards people. Many magicians pose as white magicians (the fact that they call themselves ‘white’ draws attention to their ambiguity), gathering around them a group of innocent students of the occult who believe they are learning real spiritual techniques. The grim reality is that these students are ‘farmed’ for their energy, or the positive healing energy and work they send out is subverted for more sinister purposes. This method is particularly prevelant in the West, as westerners tend to be more trusting. We apparently do not have a history of black magic in the UK, which is a fascinating form of deception in itself.

One method of black magic is to find two people of similar aptitude and spiritual development. The black magician then transposes some energy levels between the two, creating a permanent link between the victims who both lose that energy, yet are unable to find out what has happened to them.
Fraudulent Healers of Black Magic

It is easy to spot fraudulent healers of black magic as they usually have a list of spells and a price list. Black Magicians work like criminals. That is to say, they have characteristic traits that become recognisable. That is how the police catch criminals, by their modus operandi. In my experience every instance of black magic I have treated had unique circumstances around them which required unique methods of healing. Every case of black magic requires research that can take at least one day, and in some cases a month or longer.
Dealing with spirits and entities

There are many kinds of spirits and entities – they are generally nameless, and we do not seek to find a name for them. Entities can be within us or around us, or live in the house, or any other place. The entities may be from past lives, or actions, or attractions we made, for many reasons. We may have been under the influence of drugs (including anaesthetic), alcohol, or simply from people around us.

Some entities and spirits are beneficial – these we do not have to remove. Other beneficial entities and spirits have the best intentions, but they may have secret agendas from ourselves that cause problems. These can be rectified.

Sometimes the entities are causing trouble so they can be released. In all cases, there is nothing to be frightened of – help is at hand!
Problems with Evil Spirits

There are black magicians who can command evil spirits, but these are rare. What actually happens is that your enemies obsess about you so month over the weeks, months, and sometimes years, that they create a thoughtform that becomes an entity or spirit. These are particularly difficult to deal with, as obsession does not understand ‘stop’. If an ‘evil’ spirit has been commanded by a black magician, healing the problem is particularly satisfactory, since it invariable turns out that the spirit is anything but evil! The spirit is so angry and frustrated that it appears demonic. By removing the source of the anger and frustration, the spirit naturally calms down and becomes friendly. The spirit is no longer under the control of the black magician, who loses some of his power base. The spirit is now very happy to work with me instead.

Some black magicians know that I can turn an ‘evil’ spirit, so they go to great lengths to terrify these spirits against having anything to do with me. This actually works to my advantage, since when one of these spirits realise the truth – that I am a friend and I am helpful to spirits – they go and tell all the other spirits, and they will come to me for help.

The concept of ‘evil’ in evil spirit is actually a product of the dualistic western spiritual understanding. In reality, these spirits are rarely evil, and are grateful to be released, just as much as the victim of black magic.
Who does black magic?

You may be surprised. It can be someone in the family or an apparent friend. Or it can be someone you have not even met. These people may not even think they are doing black magic, as it is the intensity of their thought processes, continually going over perceived wrongs. Jealousy is strange, particularly as you are not the jealous type. Then there are of course professional black magicians who appear in many guises all around the world.
Types of Black Magic

Just about every society, belief system, religion, or spiritual system has some form of black magic going on, and over the years, I have had to deal with all of them in some way. Punditt came from India, so he is particularly familiar with the black magic of Islam that originates in Pakistan.
How help from Black Magic works

The first stage is to heal so you get relief from the pains and worry, and you get some mental peace. When your mind is clearer and you are stronger, you may have a better idea of what is going on, and who the culprit might be.
The next stage is to actively work against the perpetrators, finding out their methods, and what they have done.

Then, the work really starts, and it can change direction as new information is found. While this work is continuing, we continue to heal you, finding what has been stolen from you emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically so you are back on your true path.

Some people I have helped have gone on to become healers and psychic workers, and they help me to help others.