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My present question refers to Astrology. A lot of people consider Astrology as nothing but falsehood and believing in Astrology is often deemed as equivalent to the heinous sin of `Shirk`. I also do not AT ALL believe in the prophecies that are made according to one`s star or zodiac sign but there is one thought that often occurs to me that as Allah (swt) has created a variety of weathers along with different climates following a diversity of fruits,trees,etc etc. thus attributing different characteristic to each fruit/tree according to a particular weather. Similarly i think that a person born under his star sign does carry some traits,habits,drawbacks which are peculiar to his zodiac sign. I personally do not believe in the prophecies or predictions or weekly/ monthly horoscopes but I do ,to some extent, believe that one`s star sign does have some ,even though very little, impact on one`s personality since stars too are a creation of Allah Subhannah. I wonder if this too is considered as `Shirk` in the sight of Allah. Please give explicit reply since i remain confused about this matter. over to you with kind regards.

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